About Us

The BalancePoint Institute is a non-profit corporation dedicated to facilitating and promoting scientific research into nutritional and lifestyle solutions for inflammatory-related conditions such as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

Founded by Binx Selby in early 2006, we are an association of people from a variety of professions interested in making these solutions available to everyone.

The BalancePoint Institute started out as a research project to find a non-drug solution to hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol, a symptom of cardiometabolic risk) in early 2006. A dietary formulation was developed which proved very effective and unexpectedly rapid in its results. A small pilot group of participants adopted the dietary protocol and data was collected and presented in a scientific paper (see our results below and in “Pilot Study Results”.) Participants showed dramatic improvements in not just LDL ("bad") cholesterol (reductions averaging 52 mg/dl in two weeks), but also in triglycerides, glucose levels, and arterial stiffness, which we started to measure as in indicator of inflammation. Type 2 diabetics report stable glucose readings below 100 mg/dl after a week on the protocol. Protocol participants track what they eat for the first two weeks of the program using an online tool which provides compliance guidance and food log record for research purposes. Between 300 and 400 people have gone through the program, split primarily in two very different locations over the past seven years: Patagonia, Arizona, a small community of under 1000 people that has a strong sense of community and where members know each other, and Boulder, Colorado, a medium-sized college city with a strong health consciousness. The research project was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit entity in June of 2006 and received its 501(c)(3) status effective May 19, 2011.


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Lead Investigator and Director of BalancePoint Institute

Binx Selby is an inventor whose biochemistry research goes back to his days a a student, when his undergraduate work earned him an early invitation to join Sigma Xi, the scientific and engineering research society.  He went on to start over a dozen companies around his diverse inventions representing a wide range of technologies.


One of his first companies was NBI, a company he founded in a garage and which later became listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  NBI was a pioneer in CRT-based word processing and WYSIWYG technology and was one of the earliest personal computers. Other companies included Pure Cycle, Description: Macintosh HD:Users:lindafong:Desktop:DIRECT charts LDL comparison different diets:Figure 1_03diet.jpg which produced an appliance that recycled to ultra-pure standards all of a home’s water, including sewage.  This technology is now being used on the Space Shuttle. Mr. Selby and PureCycle were featured in National Geographic and Walter Cronkite’s science show on national television.  Another company was Anatel, which produced instrumentation for measuring ultra-pure water for semiconductor and pharmaceutical use. Mr. Selby also created the technology for optical data storage on laser discs, a forerunner to CDs, and developed FAA-approved navigational landing and flight charts on CD for in-plane pilot use. At the other end of the technology spectrum, he developed a commercial espresso machine to produce a "perfect" cup of espresso. Selby also co-founded a Montessori public charter school on the Mexican border in Arizona. 


His awards include Boulder Entrepreneur of the Year and the R&D Magazine Top 100 Award for technological innovation. 


His latest invention is an anti-inflammatory dietary protocol which he created in 2006 to re-balance the biochemistry in our body so that our metabolism can work at its best, in the way our genome or body “blueprint” wants it to.  Grounded in science, this protocol has been shown in extensive medical data to give two-week results in reversing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases related to low-level chronic inflammation in the body.  When not blitzing through thousands of scientific articles or designing research to solve problems, Binx can be found riding his bike, singing in choirs, or doing comedy with a local theater group.



BalancePoint Institute, Patagonia, AZ