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Keeping Eating Habits for Health


BalancePoint Institute was founded in 2006 by Binx Selby, Linda Jade Fong, and Robert Kerr. Based upon a fundamental belief in the body's vital ability to heal and maintain itself, the Institute concentrates its activities on tools for encouraging compliance with lifestyle changes, principally in the areas of nutrition. Mr. Selby had developed in 2006  a science-based dietary formulation which proved highly effective and very rapid in reduction of cholesterol, A1c, hypertension, arterial stiffness, and other markers of cardiovascular and metabolic risk. Clinics were established in Boulder, Colorado and Patagonia, Arizona to introduce people to this protocol.

               A paper entitled, “Dietary Protocol for a Rapid Reduction of Risk Levels of Cholesterols, Triglycerides, and Arterial Stiffness: A Before/After Study of a Pilot Dietary Program,”  (Richard Williams, Binx Selby, John S. O’Hearne, Robert E. Selby & Robert C. Kerr, 2007) reported results such as end group means of a decrease of 52.1 mg/dl in LDL Cholesterol, a decrease of 29.8 mg/dl in Triglycerides, a decrease of Arterial Age Equivalency using Aortic Augmentation Pressure of 18.8 years, and a decrease of 7.9 pounds of weight  all within the 2-week study program using the BalancePoint dietary protocol.

Mr. Selby and Ms. Fong co-wrote two books, How I Grew Younger, and why you should too! (2012), which explains the background and science as well as instructions for the dietary protocol, and The BalancePoint Mealplan & Cookbook (2014), which offers a detailed guidebook, a 14-day meal plan, and 170 recipes with precise nutritional content to fit the BalancePoint formula. These were created for people to use the dietary protocol on their own to gain the health benefits from quickly reducing chronic inflammation, the source of many aging-related diseases.

               The Insititute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has operated mainly with volunteers in recent years with a President (Binx Selby), Chair of Board (Linda Jade Fong), and Secretary-Treasurer (Charles Kelly), and a six-member board of directors.

               It is in fact solely through volunteers of the Institute that the prototype of the “Keeping Eating Habits for Health” program has been developed at the Patagonia Senior Center for its Senior Lunch Program. It has achieved impressive results like reducing weights up to 30 pounds and eliminating the need for insulin in the Lunch members in a relatively short time and through only one meal a day.

BalancePoint Institute Board of Directors

Howard (Binx) Selby – President
Linda Jade Fong – Chair of the Board
Robert Kerr, J.D.
Stuart Brody, J.D.
Charles Kelly – Secretary-Treasurer
Gary Kahn, M.D.
BalancePoint Institute Management

Howard W. (Binx) Selby (President & Research Director)         
Binx is an inventor whose biochemistry research goes back to his days as a student, when his undergraduate work earned him an early invitation to join Sigma Xi, the scientific and engineering research society.  He went on to start over a dozen companies around his diverse inventions representing a wide range of technologies.

One of his first companies was NBI, a company he founded in a garage in Boulder, Colorado and which later became listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  NBI was a pioneer in CRT-based word processing and WYSIWYG technology and was one of the earliest personal computers. Other companies included Pure Cycle, which produced an appliance that recycled to ultra-pure standards all of a home’s water, including sewage. 

This technology has been used on the Space Shuttle. Mr. Selby and PureCycle were featured in National Geographic and Walter Cronkite’s science show on national television.  Another company was Anatel, which produced instrumentation for measuring ultra-pure water for semiconductor and pharmaceutical use. Mr. Selby also created the technology for optical data storage on laser discs, a forerunner to CDs, and developed FAA-approved navigational landing and flight charts on CD for in-plane pilot use. At the other end of the technology spectrum, he developed a commercial espresso machine to produce a "perfect" cup of espresso. Selby also co-founded a Montessori public charter school on the Mexican border in Arizona. 

His awards include Boulder Entrepreneur of the Year and the R&D Magazine Top 100 Award for technological innovation. 

His latest and favorite invention is an anti-inflammatory dietary protocol which he created in 2006 to re-balance the biochemistry in our body so that our metabolism can work at its best, in the way our genome or body “blueprint” wants it to.  Grounded in science, this protocol has been shown in extensive medical data to give two-week results in reversing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases related to low-level chronic inflammation in the body.

Mr. Selby’s current focus is on methodologies to motivate people to comply on a long-term basis with  lifestyle changes such as new nutritional and social habits so that improved wellness is maintained.  As a result, he has been developing BalancePoint Institute’s “Keeping Eating Habits for Health” program for the government-funded Patagonia Senior Lunch.

Linda Jade Fong (Educational Materials Developer & Chair of the Board)
Ms. Fong’s background includes founding and serving as President, Board Chair and Creative Director of Caravan International, Inc., a greeting card publishing company in Boulder, Colorado with international distribution; Vice-President and Member of the Board of Technology International, Inc., which published a 250,000-circulation magazine, Technology, out of New York City and Boulder; Public Relations Director of the Canadian Figure Skating Association and Editor/Publisher of Canadian Skater magazine (Awards:  Editor-of-the-Year, for both the Canadian Sports Federation and IABC- International Association of Business Communicators); founder and Chair, Board of Governors, of a public charter Montessori pre-school, elementary and middle school in Arizona.

She co-founded BalancePoint Institute in 2006 and serves as its Chair of the Board of Directors, and co-authored two books for the general public on the BalancePoint dietary protocol for reversing inflammation in the body and using a two-week mealplan to achieve significant cardiovascular and metabolic improvements. She has been actively involved in the Institute’s Patagonia Senior Lunch “Keeping Eating Habits for Health” project of making people measurably healthy through only one meal—a specially designed lunch—a day.

Charles R. Kelly, (Secretary-Treasurer)
Charles is the Director of the Senior Citizens of Patagonia in Patagonia, Arizona and manages all its activities, ranging from Senior Lunches and the community center to senior van transportation. He was a management consultant for Handley-Walker International Consultancy, whose clients ranged from International Telephone and Telegraph in Chicago to Rediffusion Television in England. Before that, he was Division Manager for Con Edison in New York City.


Collaborators in recent grant applications

Christopher A. Lowry, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

Christopher A. Lowry, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrative Physiology, Center for Neuroscience, and Center for Microbial Exploration at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and Center for Neuroscience, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, a Principal Investigator in the Department of Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System, VA Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research, Education, & Clinical Center (MIRECC), director of the Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory at CU Boulder, Co-Director of the Military and Veteran Microbiome Consortium for Research and Education (MVM-CoRE), and Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of inVIVO Planetary Health, of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). Dr. Lowry was recently awarded a Young Investigator award from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, a National Science Foundation CAREER award, and the Donald F. Klein Early Career Investigator Award from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

Dr. Lowry’s research program focuses on understanding 1) stress-related physiology and behavior with an emphasis on the microbiome-gut-brain axis, including the role of serotonin, a chemical signaling molecule in the body and the brain, and 2) neural mechanisms underlying anxiety disorders, affective disorders, and trauma- and stressor-related disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and development of novel strategies for both the prevention and treatment of these disorders and their medical comorbidity, including allergy, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease. He has published ~150 peer-reviewed articles and is currently an editorial board member for Stress: The International Journal on the Biology of Stress, and Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. The National Institute of Mental Health, Office of Naval Research, Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development (VA-ORD), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation currently fund his research.

Chris Bachelier and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension program, Nogales, AZ
The U of A Cooperative Extension nutrition programs, offer education to low income families throughout Santa Cruz counties.  Emphasis is on getting participants to follow the USDA nutrition and physical activity guidelines and to educate them on how to utilize their food budgets efficiently.  Participants in the program range from preschool students to Seniors with the goal to improve food choices and promote active lifestyles.

Chris Bachelier is the director of the Nutrition Education program.  She has been in the position for the past 12 years, and previously worked as the director of a US Dept of Education PEP grant.  She has a Masters in Physical Education with an Emphasis in Athletic Training, with experience at the Collegiate level and worked in private Sports Medicine clinics. 

Badria Bedri, M.S., Nutritionist, Rio Rico, AZ

Ms. Bedri has been assisting BalancePoint Institute in designing and certifying menus as a nutritionist for the Patagonia Senior Lunch to meet DES-compliancy and re-design meal choice options for what has become the successful Keeping Eating Habits for Health model. She brings extensive experience as a nutritionist working with low-income and Hispanic women and their children in Santa Cruz County.

Ms. Bedri currently works with University of Arizona Cooperative Extension/SNAP Ed program in Nogales, AZ as a program coordinator. She also works with the Mariposa Community Health Center/Care Coordination department, counseling patients who are referred by their primary care physicians for nutrition counseling. She previously worked as a long-time counselor for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) , a federal program for low-income women.
She is also a featured chef and contributor of many recipes for the BalancePoint Mealplan and Cookbook, and is a consultant for our “Keeping Eating Habits for Health” program.

Other collaborators include the Senior Citizens of Patagonia and Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO)



BalancePoint Institute, Patagonia, Arizona