To meet a 2-week medical challenge to lower his cholesterol, Binx Selby created a protocol of everyday foods. It soon became apparent how his protocol could reverse inflammation and its effect on aging. Using this protocol, people saw drops in "bad" cholesterol and reductions in belly fat and arthritic pain in less than 2 weeks. Like the study participants whose arteries became an average of 19 years younger in two weeks, or the woman who lost 150 pounds in a few years, you too can be part of this story! This long-awaited book is packed with information and detailed instructions presented in a lively layout making it fun and easy to browse or study in depth. You can read the story behind the discovery, or go directly to learn about the science-based approach and data, or skip right away to the complete manual with tips on how to do the diet, including how to eat out. 50 recipes, including tidbits like what is a poblano pepper or how to make Moroccan preserved lemons, with contributions from well-known restaurants. All recipes carefully adapted and calculated to comply with the protocol. #1 selling book of the month for the Boulder Bookstore, one of the country's leading independent bookstores.

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For over a half century, careful scientific researchers have known what a good balanced diet really means, yet most of us have largely ignored this important information. We have preferred to continue in our culturally determined ruts, eating ourselves to death. Major research projects have noted how some peoples in the world have lived healthy lives past the 100-year mark in communities, such as the Inuit living in the Arctic, and traditional residents of the island of Crete, in the Mediterranean, where cardiac events are completely unknown. Well-known studies during the middle and second half of the 20th century have discovered that very low carbohydrate and high fat diets combined with moderate exercise are actually the secrets behind these cultures. In spite of all this information, the easy and popular fast foods, fast living, and little real exercise has dominated the scene in most of the developed world and especially the United States. Many popular diets, not based on sound scientific principles, have captured the fancy of most modern cultures. The result: sharply rising obesity rates, more incidence of diabetes, and almost a sure cardiac struggle for all folks over 65. This book presents both a healthy diet regime and active way of life that, together, have the potential of eliminating obesity, reducing cardiac risk, and avoiding almost constant craving for carbohydrates. There are also detailed—easy to follow—protocols and recipes to guide us all on our way to a happier, healthier life. And a sustainable one. Read about it, try it, and change your life.

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Mealplan and Cookbook

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