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Keeping Eating Habits for Health

Projects and Sample Work Plans

BalancePoint Institute, in partnership with the University of Colorado Department of Integrative Physiology and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension is seeking grants to test and replicate an innovative model BalancePoint developed that has measurably improved the health of attendees of the Senior Lunch program of Patagonia, Arizona and proven how even only one communal meal a day can produce lifestyle changes.

The goal of the project is to develop a senior lunch “Keeping Eating Habits for Health” model for broad implementation to attract engagement and compliance in changing to healthy eating habits.

The objectives are

  1. to produce evidence-based data showing the direct physical and mental health benefits of specific nutrition choices;
  2. to encourage adherence using tools like on-site, instant measurements of arterial stiffness;
  3. to train other congregate meal centers in this program; and
  4. to train seniors, especially underserved and low-income populations, on making lifestyle changes that can reduce or eliminate medications like insulin.

Anticipated outcomes are

  1. seniors will feel empowered in taking control over health maladies, such as high cholesterol or depression, that they never thought controllable;
  2. they and skeptics in health services will see for themselves that nutritional lifestyle change can indeed be achieved, and, moreover, be effortless and sustainable;
  3. aging agencies will be able to collaborate in compliance techniques and healthy menus; and
  4. families will be inspired to support and even adopt the new eating habits for well-being. 


Results of Survey of Health Benefits of Patagonia Senior Lunch - March 19, 2019

The expected products are educational and instructional materials, training of congregate meal providers, mealplans, meal-planning website app, and ongoing outreach support.

Such a project would incorporate a  three-year work plan like the following:



BalancePoint Institute, Patagonia, Arizona